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🥧 Where to Order Thanksgiving Pies

Sonja Cho Swanson
Sonja Cho Swanson
Posted on November 16
Photo of a slice of pie.

You can get all of the deliciousness with none of the cleanup. (Dragos Rusu/500px/Getty)

You could make your own pie dough, roast your own pumpkin or par cook your own apples; you could roll out crusts and latticework and crimp and pray that your crust doesn’t have the dreaded soggy bottom. But why? Thanks to all the culinary talent in town, you can order your Thanksgiving pies from pastry specialists with pick-up locations all over the valley. (And if you’re wondering why some are so much pricier than a Costco pie, here’s why.)

Boom Bang, helmed by “Top Chef” alum Elia Aboumrad-Page, has Thanksgiving dessert offerings that are sure to start a conversation: The pumpkin pie ($35) eschews the traditional butter crust for a Graham cracker base, and comes topped cardamom whipped cream and toasted pumpkin seeds. Preorder at least 48 hours in advance by emailing [Henderson]

Taking the concept of “pie” to its full logical extent, Crust n Roux sells sweet pies, savory pot pies, and pizza pies. Order a gorgeous latticework apple pie ($32), or opt for a six-pack of mini pies ($18). And, hey, if your turkey doesn’t come out right, you can order pizza, too. Order 48 hours in advance — but they’re open until 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, so call if you’re in a pinch. [Town Square]

If you’re feeling extra spendy, you can preorder an “extra silky” pumpkin pie, a bourbon pecan pie, or a salted caramel apple pie for $66 each. Dominique Ansel is, of course, creator of the famous cronut, so you might as well get a few of those ($18 for two) as well. Pick-up on Tuesday-Thursday. [Strip]

Dubbed the “punk rock bakeshop where everything is FAT,” Fattys is selling four kinds of pie this fall: classic pumpkin, double-crust apple, maple pecan, and cherry crumb. Each pie is $25, but order in bulk for a good deal (four for $50). Delivery-only on Nov. 22, deadline to order is Saturday. [Delivery]

Founded in 1959, Freed’s is a Vegas institution, with six locations around town, and its classic pumpkin pie ($24) is a sure hit. Pick-up on Tuesday and Wednesday. [Various locations]

Michael Gillet, a two-starred Michelin French pastry chef, opened his own storefront in the Southwest in 2019. This Thanksgiving, in addition to pumpkin ($25), apple ($25), and pecan ($32), you can also order a lemon meringue ($28). Preorders close Sunday. [Rainbow & Sunset]

Media personality Jeremy Washington is known for his sweet potato pies ($14), which are typically lighter and less dense than pumpkin. But if pie crust isn’t your thing, you can opt for sweet potato cheesecake ($25) or sweet potato cookies ($6). Preorders close today, pick-up at Gritz Cafe Tuesday. [Historic Westside]

Who says your Thanksgiving pie has to be pumpkin? Paina Cafe sells ube custard pies ($19) and chocolate haupia pies ($25) for a tropical, Pacific Islands twist on fall. Preorders are open until they run out. Pick up Monday-Wednesday, as well as Thanksgiving Day. To order, click on “Browse our stores”. [Two locations: Chinatown, Enterprise]

Pastry chef Andrea McLean, a CSN grad and Bouchon alum, started Pop n Pies in the depths of the pandemic. You can order one of her four autumnal pies ($30) via email or Instagram DM, for pick up Tuesday or Wednesday. [McLeod and Sunset]

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