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What is City Cast Las Vegas?

City Cast Las Vegas is Las Vegas’ daily news podcast and newsletter, made by locals, for locals (and the locals at heart). City Cast Las Vegas is the neighbor you wish you had — a no-nonsense friend who won’t waste your time, but always has stories you want to hear, and insights to make you smarter. We’re your guide to all the news worth knowing, plus places to eat, things to do, and curated stuff to make you laugh and cry and glad to be here.

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Meet our hosts

Host Dayvid Figler is a lawyer by trade, a storyteller by passion, and an explainer by disposition with roots planted in Las Vegas since the 1970s. With a casino worker father and a public service advocate mother as his first and forever inspiration, Dayvid has traveled many high and low branches of Las Vegas life. This journey has led him to the microphone of City Cast Las Vegas where he will endeavor to share unique stories of the city’s locals and visitors, as well as being an informed guide for provocative conversations on our city’s successes and challenges with equal parts enthusiasm, scrutiny and intrigue. Read more at and follow him on Twitter @OyVegas

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Vogue M. Robinson — poet, author, mentor, and teaching artist — has an appreciation for human beings who put truth and heart into words. She served as poet laureate of Clark County, Nevada (2017-2019) and is the first Black woman to receive the Silver Pen award from the Nevada Writers’ Hall of Fame. She also serves as a teaching artist within classrooms, community centers, nonprofits, retirement communities, and of course, inside your computer. You can find her work at and follow her on Instagram @VogueMRobinson.

Why launch City Cast in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a place of colossal contradictions. It’s a city that says, “Oh, we’re in an arid desert? Perfect spot for some manmade lakes and dancing fountains!” It’s a city of shiny surfaces but also deep complexity if you know where to look. Sure, pleasure-seeking tourists outnumber residents by 16 to 1, but the folks who live here know better: There’s a four-mile street testifying to our entrepreneurial genius, managed by an army of service workers who keep our economy thrumming. This is a company town and a union town and it’s becoming a sports town, with controversy dogging each step.


In Las Vegas you can find yourself, reinvent yourself, or, if you’re not careful, lose yourself. 

City Cast Las Vegas will help you deepen your connection to this exciting and exasperating city, whether you’re a lifer or a newbie. We’ll celebrate our triumphs and interrogate all the problems that come with being a rapidly growing city in the desert. Because Las Vegas needs people to love it, to keep it funky, and to help make it better.

Follow City Cast Las Vegas on Instagram at @CityCastVegas, and on Twitter at @CityCastVegas. Send us ideas at