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A Restaurant Battle on the Strip + Dogs in Eateries

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on August 17
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A trend we can’t wait to see reach its expiration date. (@kipthekelly/X)

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Dogs in Restaurants?

Are dog-lovers getting too brazen, taking their pets everywhere — including restaurants? Or are foodies too persnickety about a generally harmless activity? How do you feel when you see a dog in a coffee shop or eatery?

⚖️ Emmitt’s Lawsuit

Who doesn’t love a good Strip food fight? This one involves Emmitt’s Las Vegas, a huge Fashion Show restaurant named for NFL great Emmitt Smith and announced almost two years ago. Still unopened, it’s now the subject of a lawsuit between some of the partners (not including Smith) and includes an impressively large damage claim: $67 million. [Review-Journal]

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