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Las Vegas Is a Great Taco City + Edible Gold Leaf ... Why?

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on September 7
Photo of desert with edible gold leaf.

Thanks for the pointless, tasteless bling, edible gold leaf! (bart4u/Getty)

💬 The One-Question Interview

What’s with gold leaf on food?

John Curtas: “Gold leaf is to food what tail fins were to Cadillacs: Strictly to impress those with more money than brains or taste. The types who ohh and ahh over architectural chocolate and things set aflame for no other reason than to pad the bill.”

🏟️ Food Ball

The Raiders open their 2023 season on Sunday — at Denver. (Go, Broncos!) Their first home game isn’t until Sept. 24. Should you attend, food journalist Johnathan L. Wright has some suggestions for foods to try when you’re in the Big Roomba, er Allegiant Stadium — including boozy ice cream. [Review-Journal]

🌮 Finally, Vegas Is Near the Top of a Good List

This study, which designates Las Vegas as America’s third-best taco city, was conducted by a real-estate website, and involved crunching a lot of data and tasting exactly zero tacos. But at least we learn that the valley has .064 taco joints per square mile, and that seems like enough. (Austin, Texas, and San Jose, Calif., are Nos 1 and 2.) [Real Estate Witch]

🥪 Sandwich at a Sushi Joint?

Not the standard arrangement, right? But this writeup is pretty persuasive about the katsu-fried steak sandwich at the Su Casa sushi bar in The Silverton. Might have to try it — lotta people love the katsu sando. [Las Vegas Weekly, Bon Appétit]

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