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Las Vegas' Fall Food Festivals and More

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on September 14
Photo of robot server in restaurant.

When you’re at Mint Indian Bistro and want some tasty naan (or your bill) brought to your table, this is the droid you’re looking for. Mint also comes up in today’s podcast. (Scott Dickensheets/City Cast Las Vegas)

Time again to fill up on local food news.

👏 Upcoming Food Festivals

This weekend’s Greek Festival (deets below) kicks off a fall season plump with Vegas food fests. Johnathan L. Wright helps you mark your calendar. [Review-Journal]

🥘 Speaking of Festivals …

If you plan to venture into the hipster containment zone known as Life is Beautiful, Eater Vegas has some suggestions about what to eat. Just avoid the puddles of beard oil! [Eater Vegas]

👎 A Dissenting Viewpoint

On Monday, I included Cottonwood Station in a rundown of Blue Diamond’s high points. A reader who lives out there demurs. “We have stopped frequenting that business,” they write. “They often don’t have the staff to accommodate simple/basic orders, and they have a 30- to 60-minute gap between breakfast and lunch where customers have to stand around and wait. Also, the staff are not very friendly or welcoming.” The more you know.

📜 Another Day, Another National Food List …

… That Las Vegas isn’t on: Bon Appetit’s rundown of 2023’s best restaurants. Nor does the city figure into the mag’s tally of best single dishes or desserts. [Bon Appetit]

A year ago, I asked local food writers why lists like this ignore Vegas. A sampling of the replies:

John Curtas: “Unfortunately, the reputation of the Strip (as a bastion of tourist-soaking celebrity chefs) hurts the efforts of neighborhood restaurants in their efforts to garner national recognition.”

Jonathan L. Wright: “Las Vegas' culinary origin as a cheap buffet and steak-and-eggs town still colors opinions of the city, as does the current reputation (some of it deserved) for excess. Many food writers look down on both.”

Kim Foster: “What the hell does New York know about Las Vegas?”

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