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Turn Your Yard Into a Bird Habitat

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Posted on August 29
Graphic of birds in a yard

A backyard full of birds can be fascinating for you — and good for the birds. (Bullet_Chained/Getty)

Did you know hundreds of bird species live in Clark County? Whether they’re year-round or migratory, living in the city comes with risks. But we can help. Morrigan DeVito, from the Red Rock Audubon Society, offers some tips for a bird-friendly backyard:

Add a Simple Water Feature

Putting out a dish of water and cleaning it regularly will entice smaller birds to come drink and bathe. Place the water dish half under a bush or similar shade so small birds feel safe from predators.

Plant Native Plants

Native plants are drought- and heat-tolerant, require minimal watering, and provide food for local wildlife. Some finch and sparrow favorites are desert sunflower, saltbush, and amaranth grain. Warblers love palo verde trees, verdins love creosote, and hummingbirds love firecracker penstemon.

Keep Cats Indoors

House cats kill 2.4 billion birds per year, which harms species that are already suffering population declines. If this is a tough ask, consider keeping cats indoors during the morning, when birds are most active.

Add Decals to Windows

Birds don’t recognize that the reflection in a window is not passable, which causes billions of window collisions a year, especially during the spring and fall when birds are migrating. Adding decals to your windows can help; break up the reflection by spacing them a few inches apart.

Reduce or Eliminate Pesticides

The neonicotinoids found in pesticides are lethal to birds, so eating seeds coated in pesticides is fatal. And since many birds eat insects, ingesting contaminated bugs can hurt them. Not to mention, if there are fewer insects, there will be less for insect-eating birds to dine on.

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