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Take a Tree-Lined Autumn Stroll at UNLV

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on September 19
Photo of a long greenway on the UNLV campus.

Don't miss the arboretum for the trees. (Mikerussell/Wikimedia Commons)

Now that (fairly) decent strolling weather is (almost) upon us — according to the National Weather Service, this week will end with highs in the 80s — here’s an idea: Try UNLV’s 11-stop, self-guided “arboretum walk.” Not only does it let you, a nonstudent member of the general public, commune with nature, your Fitbit will dig the step count — it’s a 1.2-mile course.

Some highlights:

🌵 UNLV’s Xeric Garden

Your tour begins here. Completed in 1988, this 2-acre anthology of desert-friendly plants near the Barrick Museum was among the city’s first demonstration gardens showing the potential of xeriscaping.

🌳 East Mall

This is the long, grassy sward that runs parallel to Maryland Parkway. It has some of the oldest trees on campus, and its pastoral vibe is said by school literature to be a conscious nod to the Jeffersonian ideal of a college as an “academic village.”

🌹 Memorial Rose Garden

Located a few steps down from the iconic “Flashlight” sculpture, this was donated by Elaine Wynn in honor of her mother. It’s said she chose Showbiz roses to note her and (now ex-husband) Steve Wynn’s prominence in the Vegas entertainment scene.

🍎 Apple Tree

Outside the Bigelow Physics Building is an apple tree. Why? Think of Isaac Newton, and the reason will hit you. Science humor!


Champion Strawberry Tree

It seems the state forestry folks designate the largest specimen of a tree species as a “champion tree.” UNLV has several, including this one.

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