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A Look Back at the Huntridge Theater

Adrian González
Adrian González
Posted on June 16
Black and white photo of the Huntridge Theater. Marquee reads "Best Years of Our Lives"

It’s hard to read, but the movie on the marquee is 1946’s “Best Years of Our Lives.” (Photo courtesy of The Huntridge Theater)

The Huntridge opened as a movie theater in 1944, often hosting box office premieres with celebrities in attendance. If you’ve traveled along the west coast and this building looks familiar, that’s because it was designed by S. Charles Lee — the same guy that dreamt up Fox Theater in Beverly Hills and The Hollywood Melrose Hotel.

From Movies to Music

Standing tall at the corner of Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway, the establishment has exchanged hands several times and was converted into a music venue in 1992. It shuttered its doors in 2004 and has been dormant until a recent renovation project.

Computer generated rendering of a renovated Huntridge Theater. The corner is lively with cars driving by and people walking around.

Dapper Companies says it will also renovate adjacent retail spaces and turn them into performance venues. (Photo courtesy of Dapper Companies)

The Return of an Icon

Developer J Dapper purchased the theater in 2021 and has since undertaken a massive renovation projected to cost north of $10 million. After a 20-year hiatus, the theater hosted a relighting ceremony on April 7, the newly illuminated marquee symbolizing the return of a historic Las Vegas landmark. Renovations will take around two years to complete.

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