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Where to Cry Publicly in Las Vegas

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on October 19
Photo of person crying.

There, there, let it all out. (Tero Vesalainen/Getty Images)

There are many reasons a Las Vegan might cry in public. Joy, allergies, your bill at Joël Robuchon — even a dose of seasonal melancholy, especially once the time changes in a few weeks. No shame in it! (Though I’d never do it, of course.) Here are a few places where your waterworks wouldn’t seem out of place:

Maybe your tears are from allergens — or maybe it’s that this improbable concentration of floral beauty nested in a casino in the middle of a desert offers a respite from the friction of daily life.

🍸 The Darkest Booth at Downtown Cocktail Room

Let the tears flow as you nurse a good drink in cozy anonymity — knowing that once your eyes are dry, the pick-me-up buzz of Fremont East is just outside.

Especially when you’re surrounded on three sides by orange cones and Google Maps has just added 10 minutes to your estimated arrival time.

🏈 Sportsbook

No one will know you’re crying over a breakup when everyone else is bawling because they stupidly bet on the Patriots.

You’re looking at the scary bathtub ring around Lake Mead, weeping for the dry, Mad Maxian future it portends. Do us a favor: Direct those tears into the lake if you can.

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