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The Best Places to Picnic

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on November 2   |   Updated on November 7
Photo of a picnic blanket on the grass.

Now’s a good time to eat outside. (Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty)

In between the charbroil of summer and the ice-knife wind of deep winter, it’s picnicking season. On (🎧) today’s podcast episode, host Dayvid Figler, lead producer Sonja Cho Swanson, and producer Layla Muhammad talk widely about the theory and practice of the picnic — including some of their favorite locations:

More specifically, Layla says, near the second lake on Tule Springs Road: “There’s a lot of grass, a lot of trees in that area. You can set up on a picnic blanket and have a really nice time. Can't guarantee that the birds will stay away from you, though.”

Sonja likes the human scale of smaller suburban parks like Gardens Park, Willows Park, and Hills Park, which “has really big trees, lots of shade, great play structures for kids, and is dog-friendly.”

In addition to the usual picnicking areas out that way — lookin’ at you, Spring Mountain Ranch! — Dayvid likes to “go a little off-grid.” “There are plenty of little off-trail spots where you can just kind of sit down with your cheese sandwiches and your olives that you got at Whole Foods and just be at one with nature. That, to me, is the perfect picnic.”

🥬 Parks with Farmers Markets

Good idea from Sonja here — you can jazz up your picnic basket with fresh stuff. “Solista Park in Henderson has a farmer's market every first and third Saturday; Bruce Trent Park has one every Wednesday afternoon. So you just wander, pick up some pretty fruits, vegan Mexican food, or Thai beef jerky and snack.”

🧺 Mount Charleston

But isn’t it closed? Actually, the roads to Lee and Kyle canyons are either open or soon will be, meaning you can again picnic amid the alpine vibe of such faves as the Old Mill and Kyle Canyon picnic areas.

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