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The Best Coffee Shops Outside of Downtown

Sonja Swanson
Sonja Swanson
Posted on August 3
A line of white cups sit in an espresso machine, with espresso dripping down into them.

Surprise, you don’t actually have to head downtown to enjoy some excellent coffee! (Getty Images)

DTLV is a coffee hotspot, and rightfully so — some of the best (and most award-winning) coffee can be found around Fremont and Main. But let’s not overlook the neighborhood cafés, with their plentiful free parking and longer hours (can Downtown please get a coffee shop open after 4 p.m.?). Here are just a few of our far-flung faves.

Gäbi’s “warehouse chic” interior has drawn a dedicated fan base so it can be hard to find seating at peak hours, CCLV co-host Dayvid Figler notes. But their colorful, creative baked goods (rainbow roll cake, ube macarons) are worth the wait. (Chinatown)

“UNLV students and staffers love TIABI!” says CCLV producer Layla Muhammad. Newsletter editor Scott Dickensheets is a fan of their pistachio latte. (University District)

Grouchy John's is a longtime favorite of students, artists, and journalists who need the caffeine and comfy environs to get their creative juices flowing. Dayvid recommends the Evil Monkey, a chai, espresso, and banana blend. (Centennial Hills and Silverado Ranch)

Tru Bru has longtime Vegas food critic John Curtas’ vote: “Tru Bru has the nicest setting, organic coffee, and good food.” Plus, they reheat all pastries in a wood-fired oven so they come out with a warm center and crisp exterior. (Henderson)

Evergreen is a relative newcomer to the southeast valley coffee scene, and recent podcast guest Terri Galura-Chiong says they have “some terrific specialty coffee drinks with an Asian twist.” She recs the calamansi creamsicle latte; Layla vouches for their gochujang mocha latte and peach cobbler toast. (Henderson)

If you’re heading further afield, writer Krista Diamond says “Dam Roast House is worth the drive to Boulder City. Good food, bright interior, and a small book selection — plus it's always nice to browse the nearby antique shops.” (Boulder City)

And friend of the pod Manny says Aspire isn’t just a destination for coffee, but “it's the only coffee shop I know of that is in the middle of an HOA in a park making use of a building made to sell homes. It’s a communal space in suburbia where your kids can play and you can relax.” (Skye Canyon)

+ Bonus pick: Noted downtowner Dayvid says Dark Moon Coffee Roasters in Henderson is his "hidden gem outside the Downtown bubble."

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