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Best Places to Break Up in Las Vegas

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on August 31
Photo of two hands tearing a paper heart.

They say that breaking up is hard to do. (Tatsiana Volkava/Getty)

To be sure, a breakup is probably best handled in private. Stipulated! But maybe there’s a reason to do it in public — to add context to the moment, to avoid infusing bummer vibes into someone’s personal space, to make sure there are witnesses.

So, tongue at least three-quarters in cheek, here are some suggestions:

Might as well finish things with a civilized dinner, letting the slowly revolving view of, well, everything underscore the importance of looking at the big picture.

This isn’t my idea, it’s Meow Wolf’s — they’ve helpfully compiled a list of spots within the trippy attraction that make good breakup locations.

Flowers. Lots of flowers. The overpowering pleasantness of the place might take the edge off of the moment. And, as a nice last gesture, I think they let you pick the flowers, right? (I should probably fact-check that.)

Say one of both of you have, er, unresolved issues about the just-ended relationship. A roomful of junk you can smash to your broken heart’s content might be just the thing you need to dispel those feelings. (Maybe avoid the adjacent axe-throwing room, however.)

Public Park

OK, time to get real, courtesy of lead producer Sonja Cho Swanson: “Offer to go on a long walk — at the Pueblo Park trail, perhaps, or a couple loops around Sunset Park — because they’re going to have questions and sorrow and pain. We have to fight the instinct to blast off in an ejection seat. And we should acknowledge our own shortcomings.”

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