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The Best Places in Las Vegas to Take Older Teens

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on July 27
Photo of flowers with eyes at Omega Mart

Here’s lookin’ at you, kids. At Omega Mart. (Scott Dickensheets/City Cast Las Vegas)

We compiled this list from your responses to a question posed by a reader named Tracy, who wondered what to do with her teenagers. As you’ll see, four of these five are indoors; this would’ve been a much different list had Tracy asked in October.

A Vegas classic that satisfies a teen’s gaming jones while showing them how it was done before screens. “Old school arcade games,” says reader Nancy M. “Tetris, Pac Man, Frogger. Air hockey. Free admission, and games are old-school prices. Most expensive game was 75 cents.”

With its sensory bombardment, subversive humor, and cryptic narrative, this place really zaps a kid’s limbic system. “Go early and on a weekday,” suggests reader Tracy Rodell. “You can avoid most of the crowd and have time to fully explore the area and try to solve some of the puzzles.”

Sometimes, as a teen, you just gotta do something adrenal and utterly ridiculous — like zipline through a giant video tunnel, right over the heads of tourists. Just warn your kid not to, er, let it fly as they fly.

Suggested by reader Christy C. The automotive legend Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon in “Ford v Ferrari,” set up shop here years ago. His facility houses a terrific free museum to his legacy of speed.

Here you can sample 16 international sodas. “We got two sets for our family of four,” Rodell says. “It created some great comedy moments, and is still remembered almost a decade later by both my kids.”

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