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The Best Las Vegas Halloween Costumes

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on October 26
Photo of person in traffic cone costume.

In your car, no one can hear you scream. (@JuanJoM200/X)

The accidental yet perfect confluence of Halloween and Nevada Day is just the prompt we here at Hey Las Vegas needed in order to wonder: What are the best Vegas-specific costumes? We crowd-sourced the question; here are some of your and our responses, most of them plainly satirical:

😱 Orange Cone

This was the top reader suggestion, and for good reason: It’s scary because it’s real! Our lead producer, Sonja Cho Swanson, proposes a further twist — speaking like the evil Daleks from “Dr. Who”: When the time is right, we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the UNIVERSE! In Las Vegas, that time has come.

🤩 On-Strike Barbie

Accessorize your protest! Yoking this major pop culture phenom to the cause of wage fairness on the Strip ought to put extra candy in your trick-or-treat bag. (Suggested by a reader named Brianna)

Person in dystopian tortoise costume.

Goin’ to shell! (Layla Muhammad/AI)

🫣 Mojave Mad Max

Dress up as a tortoise with lots of tattoos, a dystopian fashion sense, and a penchant for vengeance (below). Now you’re beyond thunderdome! (Suggested by Sonja Cho Swanson)

😵‍💫 Dead Coach Walking

Get a sheet, a visor, and a clipboard full of ineffective plays, and you can be the ghost of Josh McDaniels’ Raiders career, refusing to move on to the next world. (That one’s my idea.)

😳 Oscar Goodman Wearing a Showgirl Outfit

“Scary on many levels,” jokes reader Nancy W. That would be a dope All Hallows move!

But Wait, There Are More!

  • “Stripper with slot machine button breasts and a Freddy Kruger merkin.” —Sistermable
  • “It would have to be a Frankenstein Elvis.” —Don H.
  • “A showgirl witch.” —Rolynne L.
  • “A jukebox.” —Sonny Calzone
  • “A  bloodspattered croupier using a bloodied spear instead of a dice stick.” —John J. Delibos
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