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Don't Overlook Mountain's Edge

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on August 14
Photo of a brightly painted utility box

Artist Bonnie Kelso’s utility-box mural of a quail and globe-mallow flowers neatly captures the suburban-nature interface of Mountain’s Edge. (Bonnie Kelso)

Mountain’s Edge is one of the valley’s newer edge-of-town ’burbs, and to those used to older, funkier parts of the city, it might have a fresh-from-the-box vibe. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t points of interest.

Get Out

As we taper toward slightly cooler temps, keep Exploration Peak Park in mind. It comprises 80 acres of the 500 total acres set aside in the neighborhood for parks and trails. It has a light Western theme, facsimiles of a western town and an archaeology dig, plenty of trees and picnic areas — and one of the area’s true amenities, Exploration Peak. Up a nonthreatening half-mile trail you’ll find a shaded viewing area with spectacular sightlines overlooking the Strip (and nearly everything else).

Meanwhile, Mountain’s Edge Regional Park has a sporty aspect, with a climbing feature, sports wall, fitness stations, and kid-oriented bike town.

Hike to Art

While you’re in the area, take the easy hike up to “Desert Monkey King,” the artwork created in secret atop a neighborhood-adjacent hilltop — you may remember it got a good spin in the media early this year.

Eat Something, Too

I’d just about walk from Henderson to Mountain’s Edge for pretty much anything on the menu at Bajamar Seafood and Tacos — starting with the ceviche. And the spicy shrimp taco. And the — well, you get the picture. El Luchador Mexican Kitchen & Cantina is another local fave: “My husband and I find ourselves at El Luchador almost weekly for the cheesiest quesadillas (one with birria!) and generously sized burritos,” reader Trista G. writes. “Can't go wrong with a goblet of margarita or beer, either.” For a nice Italian dinner, there’s Locale Italian Kitchen.

Map of Mountain's Edge neighborhood

Mountain’s Edge is on the far southwestern side of the valley. (Google Maps)

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