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Rules for Living Your Best Vegas

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on July 5   |   Updated on July 7
Photo of car being loaded with lots of stuff.

Treat your car as your second home. (Betsie Van der Meer/Getty)

Not long ago, City Cast Las Vegas convened co-hosts Dayvid Figler and Vogue Robinson, plus Vegas lifer Andrew Kiraly (publisher of TheList.Vegas), to talk about some of the informal but often urgent guidelines for surviving in this town. A few excerpts:

🚗 Think of Your Car as a Second Home

“If you mentally shift and think of commuting as part of living in Las Vegas,” Andrew says, “that takes a lot of the stress and frustration out of it.”

🚦 Green Means Wait a Sec

“Wait five to 10 seconds before you pull into the intersection,” Dayvid advises. Ever in a hurry, many residents blast through intersections just after the light turns red. This rule “has saved my life countless times,” he says.

📆 Be Type A in Keeping Friends

The “Vegas flake” is a real thing; lots of people here are one flimsy excuse away from ghosting. So to maintain friends in a valley of oddball job shifts and cross-town suburbs, do the work, Vogue says. “Say, ‘Hey, I can meet you on these days, at these times, at this location — see you there.’ And then send the reminder text.”

🍽️ Sit at the Bar

In a tourist town full of buzzy restaurants, it’s not always easy to snag a table. But, Dayvid says, there’s probably a place in the bar. “The bar is the workaround if you don't have a reservation,” Vogue adds. “You can get in, your food's usually faster, you've got some good convo.” Andrew agrees: “It's much more social to eat at the bar.”

For more useful tips, listen to the full episode:

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