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How to Get Free Money From the State

Scott Dickensheets
Scott Dickensheets
Posted on July 12
Photo of man with money swirling around him.

Is there a windfall in your future? (Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty)

Modern life creates all sorts of dead zones into which official communications vanish. You move, lose an envelope, delete an email. Sometimes those missing documents have money attached — refunds and the like. After three years, that moolah reverts to the state treasurer’s office for safekeeping.

But it’s still yours. And you can get it — for free.

How much is there? The state is hanging on to nearly a billion dollars in unclaimed funds.

What kind of funds are in there? Refunds, rebates, safety-deposit-box contents, overpayments, utility deposits, stocks and bonds, dividends, and more.

How long do I have to claim it? Forever! The state treasurer’s office holds it “in perpetuity.” So if you never claim it, your heirs can.

Is it gathering interest? Ha, no.

What documents will I need? This differs depending on the claim. With some, you may have to prove that you lived at a prior residence. Or you may have to show a connection to the entity from which the money came. In some instances, other documents might be required.

Then what? You fill out an online form, print it out, and snail-mail it in.

Other hoops? Before you send in your claim, you have to sign it in the presence of a notary; their fees vary.

Where do I begin? Click below 👇 to search the state’s holdings and initiate the process. Good luck!

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